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Look to the past:

Has it all happened before? Great empires have come and gone, fortunes have been made and lost. The world has suffered many major disasters coming close to wiping out all life several times. Great sages have passed on their timeless wisdom and, overall, the total knowledge of the human race has grown and continues to grow at an ever increasing rate, yet we still repeat the same mistakes. We still follow greedy, mendacious people who tell us plausible lies and then proceed to exert malign power over us while enriching themselves.

Look to the future:

What is going to happen next? Is it to be climate disaster, nuclear armageddon or economic collapse, or perhaps all three? Can we achieve a peaceful and prosperous future for all in harmony with the planet, or is it too late, have we already passed the point of no return, done too much damage to the environment and put too much power into the hands of a small elite who believe they can survive and prosper no matter what disaster befalls the rest of us.

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